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u15’s Report: 6th October 2019

ECRHA U15’s Intermediates League Division 1

The first tournament of the season, saw KLRHC U15s team playing at Neale Wade Sports Centre, hosted by Skaters.

Kings Lynn v Skaters

The first game was against Skaters. KLRHC played a strong defence and passed well up front. They managed to hold their own, as the opposition made attempts at scoring. Imogen Senter in goal exhibited several outstanding saves. On a number of occasions, KLRHC fought hard and played strong as a team.

During the first half Skaters were issued a direct but goal keeper Imogen Senter saved.

Taylor McAree, presented superb strength in defence.

During the final minutes of the first half, Harvey Byler and Taylor McAree, once more, almost scored.

Tremendous play was continued by all the team into the second half.  This was displayed with strong defending from Billy Davey and Alex Holford.

During this 2nd half Harvey Byler scored 2 goals!

Later in the second half Harvey Byler scored another goal from a direct. Meaning Harvey Byler gaining a hattrick!

Final Score: KLRHC 3 – 0 Skaters.

Goal Scorer:
Harvey Byler (3)

King’s Lynn v CCRHC 1

The second game proved more difficult. KLRHC worked well as a team. CCRHC proved to be a difficult team to play against. Lacey Vincent in goal battled immensely against continuing goals. Harvey Byler and Alfie Poppy displayed some excellent passes .With the others playing defence. Unfortunately CCRHC1 managed to gain the lead with six goals in the first half.

The second half still proved tough. Lacey Vincent showed a cracking performance. KLRHC fought hard.  Alfie Poppy intercepted several possible goals and Taylor McAree and Harvey Blyler worked well to maintain ball contact. During the second half the team played well together and Alfie Poppy managed to score two goals against the CCRHC 1 goal keeper.

Final score: King Lynn 2 – 9 CCRHC1

Goal Scorer:
Alfie Poppy (2)

King’s Lynn v Letchworth Blues

The third and final game was against Letchworth B . KLRHC worked well as a team. Letchworth had proved to be the strongest team of the day winning all their previous games.

All of the Kings Lynn players concentrated on playing a good defence to protect goal keeper Lacey Vincent. Lacey fought well and saved many attempted goals.

Will Dickerson, Taylor McAree and Alfie Poppy played a brilliant front defence stopping Letchworth and attempting to score against the Letchworth goal keeper. Sadly not able to find the back of the net.

Mikey, Billy and Alex all played a good back defence but Letchworth managed to score 8 goals in the first half.

At half time Kings Lynn had change of goal keeper with imogen Senter going in goal for the second half. The second half proved tough again but Kings Lynn players did not give up and battled on. . Imogen Senter played well saving many attempts from Letchworth. . KLRHC fought hard. During the second half the team showed good team work. Alfie Poppy and Harvey Byler moving up front and with a pass from Alfie, Harvey slapped a cracking goal!

Final score: King Lynn 1 – 13 Letchworth B

Goal Scorer:
Harvey Byler

On the day, the team consisted of Imogen Senter (GK) Lacey Vincent (GK) , Harvey Byler, Billy Davey, William Dickerson, Alex Holford, Taylor McAree, Alfie Poppy & Mikey Whiting

Would like to thank Josh Taylor, for giving up his time to coach the team during the tournament also thankyou to Complete Plumbing Solutions and DJ Projects for their sponsorship for a new u15’s kit.