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Gamechangers At Walpole

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Gamechangers At Walpole

WalpoleRHCWalpole Roller Hockey Club have a television crew that would like to come to Walpole to film a roller hockey training session for their children’s sports programme, Gamechangers.

They can film on 16th Sept or any day next week commencing 8th September, if it’s easier for us. Walpole would like to invite players from all clubs along to this session because they want Gamechangers to see what a great game roller hockey is.

This is a great opportunity to advertise the sport to the British public and maybe gain popularity. It can only be good for all of us!

Obviously the NRHA/ECRHA website will get a mention on the programme, so people can people can find their local club etc.

Walpole need to know:
a) what day would be best for everyone.
b) how many players would be interested in coming along.
c) would any coaches be willing to help.

There will be a small fee of £5 to cover our rink hire etc.

Any players interested, that would like to come along to this session and advertise their sport/ skills to the world and get their 15 minutes of fame. please contact Abie on 07799 846071 with date(s) would be best for you too ASAP, so that she can get back to Gamechangers.