You are currently viewing u11’s Match Report:  10th May 2015
u11's 10th May 2015

u11’s Match Report: 10th May 2015

u11’s Match Report:  10th May 2015

u11's 10th May 2015
u11’s 10th May 2015

The last away tournament this season for the King’s Lynn U11s was at Cambridge on Sunday, 10th May.

Out of the three games played at this tournament, one was a friendly against Cambridge.

A game against Cottenham started the day for King’s Lynn. It was a hard game to warm up to and Cottenham won 7-3. Ria Griffin scored one of the goals during this match and Joshua Futter scored two.

The Cambridge match was a friendly and King’s Lynn won it 3 – 0 with Joshua scoring all three goals.  Joe Crawford was playing excellently at the Cambridge end with brilliant shots at their goal.

The day’s last match against Herne Bay was a tough one and King’s Lynn lost the game 8 – 2, with Joshua Futter scoring both the Lynn goals. Leena Futter was working hard in goal and Miles Hovell and Myer Easter were playing a super defence during the whole day.

Well done the U11s team for the hard work.

The final league table with the results of this tournament can be seen on the ECRHA website

The team would like to thank MKM for their continued support!

The Team:
Leena Futter (GK), Joe Crawford, Myer Easter, Joshua Futter, Ria Griffin & Miles Hovell