Senior A Report: 23rd February 2014

Senior A Report: 23rd February 2014

A Tough Tournament For Lynn

Match 1: King’s Lynn v Cambridge
A solid first game from Lynn, with all players getting their name on the score sheet.
Some great team play.
Final score 11 – 2 to Lynn

Match 2: King’s Lynn v Grimsby
The second game proved much more difficult for Lynn as they faced an organised experienced Premier League team.

From the start Grimsby had a lot of possession but Lynn held them with a tight defensive system and Kasia pulling off some great saves. However as the team lost concentration Grimsby pulled ahead before half time.

The second half saw Josh T score and Lynn then created multiple chances but failed to finish them.

King's Lynn Senior A Team 27th October 2013
King’s Lynn Senior A Team
27th October 2013

Along with some controversial refereeing decisions and Lynn’s frustration growing, Grimsby pulled further ahead. Lynn were forced to pressure and finally Grimsby won.

Final score 9 – 1 to Grimsby.

Match 3: King’s Lynn v Letchworth A
Again Lynn faced another talented Premier League team and this too was a tough game.

Despite this Lynn took an early lead. This gave Lynn confidence and they showed great passing and skating ability along with a solid defence. However a few small mistakes cost the team a few goals.

Towards the end of the game Lynn pressured full rink in an attempt to reduce the deficit. Lynn scored a few goals and created multiple chances from this, but it also left them exposed at the back and Letchworth capitalised with clinical finishing.

Final score 9 – 4 to Letchworth A

Match 4: King’s Lynn v Letchworth B
The last game of the day saw Lynn face Letchworth B.
From the start Lynn controlled the game showing great teamwork and individual skill from all players.
Final score 9 – 4 to Lynn.

The Team:
Kasia Parfitt (GK), Ryan Barnes, Michael Carter, Josh Gay, Jamie Griffin, Rees Parfitt, Josh Taylor (Capt.), Jack Tucker