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u17 Report: 15th Sep 2019

U17s Schoolboys League Division 1

The first tournament of the season, saw KLRHC U17s team, demonstrate fantastic team qualities.

On the day, the team consisted of Imogen Senter (1) in goal, Ria Griffin (2), Myah Easter (3), Alfie Poppy (4), Harvey Blyler (5), Thomas Barker (8) and Taylor McAree (9).

Kings Lynn v ECU (G)
The first game was against ECU (G). KLRHC composed some brilliant passes. They managed to hold their own, as the opposition made numerous attempts at scoring. Alfie Poppy, Myah Easter and Ria Griffin put up a strong defence against ECU (G), and Imogen Senter exhibited several outstanding saves. On a number of occasions, KLRHC fought hard against ECU (G) almost managing to score, with Thomas Barker, Alfie Poppy and Myah Easter producing some excellent shots.

Taylor McAree, Myah Easter and Ria Griffen, presented superb strength in defence. During the final minutes of the first half, Alfie Poppy and Taylor McAree, once more, almost scored. Unfortunately, ECU (G) managed to score two goals towards the end of the first half.

Tremendous play was continued by all the team into the second half.  This was displayed in the first few minutes. Thomas Barker made some cracking shots against the ECU (G) goalie. Myah Easter, Alfie Poppy, Ria Griffin, Harvey Blyler and Thomas Barker continued to work hard in order to score, but unfortunately were unlucky during each shot.

Final Score: ECU (G) 2 – 0 KLRHC

King’s Lynn v Peterborough
The second game proved to be an extremely difficult game. Up against Peterborough, KLRHC struggled against the team. Peterborough managed to score during the first minute, Imogen Senter fought hard to prevent further goals. Thomas Barker, Taylor McAree and Myah Easter worked well together in defence. Some excellent passes were made by Alfie Poppy. Harvey Blyler, Thomas Barker and Myah Easter thrived to hold back the goals, however Peterborough proved to have the stronger defence, taking the lead.

The second half prove continually difficult, with Peterborough claiming a further nine goals.

Final Score: King’s Lynn 0 – 17 Peterborough.

King’s Lynn v CCRHC
The third and final game was against CCRHC. KLRHC worked well as a team. CCRHC proved to be a difficult team to play against. Imogen Senter battled immensely against continuing goals. The team worked well, Myah Easter, Thomas Barker, Ria Griffen and Alfie displayed some excellent passes, allowing Ria Griffin to score. Unfortunate CCRHC managed to retain the lead with a further five goals.

The second half proved tough. Imogen Senter showed a cracking performance, saving some outstanding goals. KLRHC fought hard.  Myah Easter intercepted several possible goals and Taylor McAree and Harvey Blyler worked well to maintain ball contact. In the final four minutes Taylor McAree, Harvey Blyler and Myah Easter continued to put up a strong defence, Ria Griffin made some cracking passes allowing Thomas Barker to achieve a remarkable goal.

Final score: King Lynn 2 – 18 Peterborough

Goal Scorers:

  • Ria Griffin
  • Thomas Barker

The team would like to thank Harvey Dugdale, for giving up his time to coach the team during the tournament.

The team on the day were:

Imogen Senter (GK), Thomas Barker, Harvey Blyler, Myah Easter (C), Ria Grifin, Taylor McAree and Alfie Poppy,