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U15’s A Match Report 15th September 2018

Kings Lynn v Letchworth Whites

KLRHC U15’s produced a flying start to the new ECRHA season, during their first away tournament held at Letchworth. The team consisted of Imogen Senter in goal, Myah Easter, Hayley Senter, William Dickerson, Ria Griffin, Reece Kirk, Harvey Blyler and Millie Watson.

During the first half of the game, Kings Lynn secured a 4 – 1 gain against Letchworth Whites, with Harvey Blyler earning the first goal of the season. Reece Kirk, Millie Watson and Hayley Senter put up a great defence against Letchworth and Imogen Senter fought hard, in goal.  Myah Easter collected two goals and Ria Griffin obtained the final goal during the time.

During the second half, Letchworth Whites fought hard to gain a further three goals. William Dickerson, Ria Griffin obtained a goal each, along with Harvey Blyler securing a further two goals.

Final Score: King’s Lynn 8 – 4 Letchworth Whites.

Goal Scorers:

  • Ria Griffin (2)
  • Myah Easter (2)
  • Harvey Blyler (3)
  • William Dickerson

King’s Lynn v Bedford

The second game was against Bedford. King’s Lynn started the game slow and Bedford defended hard against Kings Lynn, however Kings Lynn managed to take a seven-goal lead.

Both Myah Easter and Ria Griffin both scored during the beginning of the first half. Millie Watson, Reece Kirk, Hayley Senter, Myah Easter and Ria Griffin continued to obtain a further goal each. Hayley Senter clawed the final goal in the remaining minute of the first half.

During the second half, Kings Lynn managed to net a further two goals, with William Dickerson and Harvey Blyler in defence. Imogen Senter remained strong throughout the game, in her position.

Final Score: King’s Lynn 10 – 0 Bedford

Goal Scorers:

  • Ria Griffin (2)
  • Myah Easter (2)
  • Hayley Senter (2)
  • Millie Watson
  • Reece Kirk
  • Harvey Blyler
  • William Dickerson

King’s Lynn v Ely & Chesterton United

The third game was against ECU Blue. King’s Lynn played strong in defence. Imogen battled hard to defend the continuing goals, however ECU gave a tough fight and took the lead claiming three goals.

The second half proved very tough. Imogen Senter made some cracking saves. Unfortunately, ECU managed to advance their lead with a further five goals.  Millie Watson fought hard along with Harvey Blyler and Reece Kirk in defence. Myah Easter and Ria Griffin managed to secure a goal each against the ECU keeper. Imogen Senter faced an indirect hit and strived to save it, however was unable to save it this time.

Final score: King Lynn 2– 8 ECU Blue

Goal Scorers:

  • Myah Easter
  • Ria Griffin

Kings Lynn v Peterborough

Fourth game was against Peterborough. King’s Lynn made a slow start to the game with some sloppy defending allowing Peterborough to score within the first minute. Peterborough piled on the pressure in the first half but couldn’t break through King’s Lynn defence with Myah Easter and Ria Griffin determined to keep them at bay. Imogen Senter made some cracking saves to deny Peterborough, also hurting her shoulder in the process but carried on play. Half time King’s Lynn 0-1 Peterborough.

King’s Lynn started the second half well soaking up the pressure from Peterborough. King’s Lynn goalkeeper Imogen Senter making greater saves to keep King’s Lynn in the game. With only six minutes left King’s Lynn cracked under the pressure and Peterborough scored. With sloppier defending Peterborough score two quick goals. During this game goal keeper Imogen Senter saved two indirect hits from Peterborough.

Final score: King’s Lynn 0 – 6 Peterborough.

All results will be available on the Eastern Counties Website

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The club would also like to thank MKM for their donation of drink bottles.

An enormous thank you to James Senter for giving up your time in running the team during the game and Troy Houghton for refereeing.

The team on the day were:
Imogen Senter (GK), Harvey Blyler, William Dickerson, Myah Easter (C), Ria Griffin, Reece Kirk, Hayley Senter, & Millie Watson.