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U15’s A Match Report November 2018

Kings Lynn v Cottenham

KLRHC U15’s have yet again shown to work well together this season. This was displayed during their second away tournament, at Letchworth.

During the first half of the game, Kings Lynn secured two fantastic goals against Cottenham, achieved by Alfie Poppy and Ria Griffin. Unfortunately, Cottenham managed to take the lead, by obtaining three goals. Thomas Barker, Millie Watson and Harvey Blyer put up a strong defence, against their opposition. Imogen Senter worked extremely hard to prevent any further goals.

During the second half, KLRHC fought hard against Cottenham. Cottenham extended their lead with a further three goals, however Myah Easter, Alfie Poppy and Ria Griffin battled against Cottenham’s defence, enabling Ria Griffin to collect a goal, in the final two minutes.

Final Score: King’s Lynn 3 – 6 Cottenham

Goal Scorers:

  • Ria Griffin (2)
  • Alfie Poppy

King’s Lynn v Bedford

The second game was against Bedford. Kings Lynn played an outstanding game. Bedford put up an impressive defence, however Kings Lynn managed to take a five goal lead.

Both Ria Griffin and William Dickerson managed to grasp two goals each during the first half. Millie Watson, Thomas Barker, Myah Easter and played strong in defence. In the final minute Harvey Blyer clawed the final goal.

During the second half, Millie Watson gained a further two goals. Then during the fourth minute, kings Lynn were given a penalty, with which William Dickerson secured the final goal.

Final Score: King’s Lynn 8-0 Bedford

Goal Scorers:

  • Ria Griffin (2)
  • William Dickerson (2)
  • Harvey Blyer
  • Millie Watson (2)
  • William Dickerson

King’s Lynn v Letchworth B

The third game was against Letchworth B. King’s Lynn played strong in defence. Although Alfie Poppy scored during the final minute and Imogen battled strongly to defend the continuing goals, Letchworth B put up a tough fight and took the lead claiming six goals.

The second half proved very tough. Imogen Senter saved some cracking goals. Alfie Poppy secured an excellent goal. Unfortunately, Letchworth managed to advance their lead with a further five goals. Millie Watson fought hard along with Thomas Barker, Myah Easter and Harvey Blyer to defend the goals.

Final score: King Lynn 2 – 11 Letchworth B

Goal Scorer:

  • Alfie Poppy

The team would like to thank Donna Easter and Jo Mills for giving up their time to coach the team during the game and Taylor Allen for refereeing.

The team on the day were:
Imogen Senter (GK), Thomas Barker, Harvey Blyler, William Dickerson, Myah Easter (C), Ria Griffin (C), Alfie Poppy & Millie Watson.